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Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you, or your employees want to work at a peak, then choosing the right ergonomic task chair is highy important. You need to be comfortable and sitting on an ergonomic posture chair that will support every movement. Studies have shown that those with good ergonomic or posturepaedic chairs have less discomfort, and can work more efficiently, without worrying about a bad back at work, backache, headache and neck and shoulder pain. Aerofoil Design are specialists in ergonomic seating and have an excellent range of ergonomic chairs from many specialist ergonomic seating manufacturers.

These office chairs are adjustable in many ways, allowing every User to be able to get comfortable at their desk, even if they share office workstations. Studies have also shown that those that are uncomfortable at their desk, get less done, and are likely to be absent more due to aches and pains. High quality ergonomic chairs are not cheap, but they are a good investment as in the long run, the User will have more comfort at the desks and more work will get done.

Many of our chairs are available to try - please call for an appointment.