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Space Planning and 3D Design

Our ability to visualise what can be achieved with the available space is something that has been gained from over three decades of experience with space planning and designing new offices and new home offices.

The space planning and design services we offer are both two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) and utilise sophisticated CAD software programmes.

Customers will often approach us, asking for the price of a few new office desks, for example, without really being aware of what was actually possible. Generally we like to turn this situation around by discovering what it is a customer is trying to achieve with their space and furniture design, what equipment and resources are available now, and what budget is available to spend.

This analysis can be simple and straight forward or can result in an in-depth space utilisation survey and more consultation. However, we would always aim to make suggestions in terms of the use of space, the overall office design, furniture aesthetics and possible furniture solutions. We endeavour to offer customers a selection of products so that they can then make an informed decision.

For some, visualising what we have in our mind for their office can be difficult, and this is where CAD, or Computer Aided Design comes in. Using the latest technology, we can create a floor plan of the proposed office layout together with 3D views from different angles. It is even possible to "walk" the customer through their proposed office. For ease, these plans and images can be presented to our customer via email, saving time and energy for all concerned.


Visualisation of Reception Area

Visualisation of Reception Area

Space planning generally allows the creation of two dimensional (2D) floor plans for our customers to assess the space and the furniture design.

Creating three dimensional space design images and views allows our customers to see the resultant space planning and design.

Home Storage Design

Home Storage Design

These images were created in both two and three dimensional versions, to allow our customer to visualise how the storage system would look in his home.

With an electricity supply box in the top left corner, that required instant access, the system was designed to maximise every inch of space, whilst ensuring access to the fuses.

It is important that our Customers can see what they are expecting before they commit to purchasing it. If they are not happy with the design, we will continue with it until they are. This ensures no nasty surprises at the end - and guarantees happy customers.

CAD Space Planning

Whilst most of our Space Planning is completed for projects we are working on for our customers, we do undertake Space Planning and Visualisation work on a Contract or job by job basis.

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