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Project and Relocation Management

As with new product installations, much of the success of a reconfiguration or relocation is down to the planning. Faced with the dilemma of improving the use of space to allow for the expansion or contraction of departments or whole operations, we invite you to discuss your problems with us.

Share your ideas and wishes with our Contract Managers and Consultants, whom can assess your space requirements, monitor work patterns and communications and re-plan your environment to suit your current and expected requirements. They will propose, plan and then manage the project through to conclusion, ensuring that every aspect of the move is taken care of.

This allows you and your staff to concentrate on your business, secure in the knowledge that you have a professional team assisting you along the way. If you have some of these facilities in house, we would be happy to dovetail with your operation to our mutual benefit.

One of our customers has been moved by us five times in the many years we have known them. They keep coming back to us because they can trust and rely upon us.

Formula One Engine Manufacturer's Offices Installed and Moved

Formula One Engine Manufacturer's Offices Installed and Moved

We have managed and completed large moves for a leading Formula One engine manufacturer, a Drug's manufacturing company, and a City bank, amongst many others.