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Leasing Your New Office Furniture

So maybe you are considering a new office and you need to furnish it?

Perhaps your Company wants to update and improve your existing office environment, and provide new office furniture for your staff?

If So, You Should Consider Leasing

Spread The Cost Of Furnishing Your Office

You don't hire a new member of staff and pay them upfront for the next three or four years, do you? You pay them monthly, or perhaps weekly, matching your outgoings to the potential income from the work they will do for you.

The same applies with leasing; You are able to acquire the furniture and seating that you require now, and pay for it over perhaps three or four years, as it works for you, much as you might with vehicles, or premises.

But Why Is Leasing A Good Option?

Leasing provides a facility for you to finance your new office furniture, seating and sometimes even the actual cost of the fit out, the partitioning, ceilings, carpets and more, without a massive cash expenditure that can potentially damage your cash flow. It is 100% tax allowable, and allows you to budget more efficiently.

Effectively you rent the office furniture and/or equipment from the Finance Company and offset the payments against your taxable profit, normally over 2, 3, 4 years or even longer.

How Do I Find Out More?

If you would like to know more about Furniture Leasing, or would like to obtain a Furniture Leasing Quotation, please Contact Us for a free, no obligation Quotation.