Keeping Active and Working

Most of us are moving around much less than we used to and working from home has reduced our movements even further. Many of us haven’t been travelling to our workplaces like we used to. We are simply travelling the journey from our bedrooms, to the kitchen for hot drinks and snacks, and back to […]

Working From Home Safely

With times changing and many of us now having to spend more time working from home, it is essential that we revisit the productivity of our home work spaces. Do you have a “Workplace” at home? Is it well equipped and organised? Can you move freely around it and does it provide convenient storage? Most […]

New Office Project in Brighton (130)

Today we will take a look at one of the largest installations we’ve completed in recent years, undertaken in a few phases. Starting with the first floor in October 2019, continuing with the second floor early 2020 and finally reconfiguring some of the existing furniture on the third floor, as lockdown restrictions were eased and […]

Leather Ergohuman Chair

Supportive Office Chairs for Home

We were contacted by a customer last week who wanted advice on which chair would suit his particular requirements for his Home Office. After discussion it was decided that he would be best suited to an Ergohuman Ergonomic Mesh Chair, of which we have sold around 400. In fact we had delivered a leather version […]