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Sit-Stand Desks & Frames

Sit-Stand Desks & Frames

There are been many studies that have shown that lower back pain, and tension within the muscles, are some of the most common health problems affecting those who work in an Office, and are responsible for thousands of days of absence from work.

Good quality ergonomic office chairs can assist you when seated, and Aerofoil offer many fine chairs to benefit you, but that is only part of the story. The human skeleton is not designed for prolonged periods of sitting, and it has been proven that varying your position throughout the day generally leads to a much healthier situation.

Changing from a sitting position to a standing position, and the associated moving, assists the cardiovascular system, eases tension and pressure on the muscles, as well as on the spine and vertebral discs.

Using Sit Stand or stand up - sit down desks, or height adjustable desks, capable of adjustment in height to a standing position by using crank handles, electrically driven motors or counter balancing mechanisms, make this all possible. An investment in Sit Stand desks can lead to reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and improved employee health.

Aerofoil Design can supply you with complete new Sit Stand Desks, or Linked Sit Stand Bench Desks, or alternatively, we may be able to use your existing desktops and just supply new frames.