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Office Furniture Service Work

Office and Contract furniture, by its' very nature, is exposed to exceptional everyday wear and tear. Furniture that when purchased, gave the office a smart and efficient corporate look can quickly become worn and jaded, and defeat much of the object of purchasing it in the first place.

Correct care is important. We would be delighted to offer you some free advice on caring for your furniture, and in many cases, we can provide you with literature pointing out many useful tips. Use of the correct cleaning materials and techniques, together with improved staff awareness helps. Dealing with problems quickly can improve matters enormously.

Occasionally, faults will develop. If they are dealt with quickly, then often the problem can be resolved cheaply and permanently, but leave it too long and catches and runners, for example, can become distorted and broken due to having been forced. These problems render the furniture inefficient, doors may not shut or even fall off, perhaps drawers won't lock or even close and the office quickly looks jaded, detracting from the quality image of the Company. The eventual cost of repairs or even replacements can increase dramatically with time.

Attending to faults with furniture products, whether under Warranty or not, requires an in - depth knowledge of the products and their 'habits'. Rectification techniques are acquired through many years of installing and servicing furniture. Often small, subtle touches are all that is required, and this can save our Clients a great deal of money. Our Service Technicians have gained this experience, working with many different furniture manufacturers and different ranges of furniture every day, they consistently build on this knowledge through installing and repairing furniture for our Clients.

We would be happy to assist you with your furniture servicing and repairs, whether it is a one-off problem requiring emergency attention or a more methodical planned maintenance programme. (This service option is described elsewhere.) Sticking locks, faulty drawers, broken keys etc. we will be happy to assist.

Office Furniture Logistics Services

When we offer premier Furniture Solutions, we mean Service solutions too! With thirty years in the office furniture industry, we have a wealth of experience to call upon to assist you. 

Call us for assistance with moving furniture and other items to new premises either on an individual basis or for complete re-locations. Removal Crates and Equipment can also be supplied as required.

Lock and Key Replacements

Lock and Key Replacements

We can usually obtain replacement keys which are cut to order by our suppliers. Most locks and keys can be with you within 2/3 days of receipt of order, although some special locks may take longer.

All locks can be fitted if required, by one of our Furniture Technicians, at extra cost, which will vary depending on your location.

Crate and Equipment Hire

Crate and Equipment Hire

Whether moving departments around within your existing buildings, or packing ready for a relocation, having the right packing and moving equipment is critical for a smooth move. 

Strong plastic crates, often with lids, enable your files and belongings to be safely packed, whilst ensuring that the removers are able to move them without injury to themselves. They are also easier to transport around, and to load onto removal trucks. Usually, they should be labeled with the destination details, making it easier for the removal personnel to ensure your crate ends up at the correct destination. they can also be sealed with a unique plastic strip, reducing the chance of tampering with the contents and clearly showing if this has occurred.
Each crate will hold contents of a drawer of a filing cabinet, or 7/8 Lever Arch Files and take maximum weight of 50kg. They can be handled by one person and are very practical.
A1 crate has an interlocking lid and is stackable. Internal Measurements Length 610mm, Width 405mm, Depth 315mm. Weight 4.5 kg.

Larger computer crates enable a computer screen (monitor) to be safely packed and transported, complete with its' CPU, keyboard and mouse. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures that all items arrive together at the correct location.

Crates can be safely stacked four high and can be loaded onto a skate to move them across a room. When crates are empty they can be stacked up to 20 high. We can provide crates for hire for any period, and to suit varying requirements. They are also available to buy. Please call us for details.

We are also able to provide secure roll cages for moving IT and office equipment.

We can also supply bubble wrap, cling wrap, packing tape and identification labels to assist with the protection of any items during a move.

For customers whom use our archiving service, we can supply archiving boxes suitable for this purpose. These are available via our Online Shop.

Services Offered

¨ International project and furniture management
¨ Management of UK and international furniture projects for customers
¨ Internal office layout reconfigurations
¨ Relocation management and removals
¨ Hotel and hospitality furniture installations
¨ Customer service management
¨ Consultancy
¨ Furniture logistics services
¨ Furniture storage in our warehouse on short, medium or long-term basis
¨ Installation of furniture in offices and homes
¨ Removal crates
¨ Archive storage

Professional and Reliable Office Furniture Installation

For thirty years now, we have been offering Clients a full furniture assembly and installation service for all types of office, contract and hotel furniture. It is a proven, cost effective and professional service that Customers can rely upon, which is not always the case in this industry.

Whether ready-built, heavy case-goods or flat-packed self-assembly systems, our team has vast experience, with thousands of installations completed, and we will do everything possible to ensure the Customer is happy with the end result. It is our Technicians "Can-Do" attitude that usually sets us apart from our competition.

Small deliveries of furniture can be collected or received on your behalf, and delivered and assembled as required. This can be a dedicated service or it may be combined with other furniture deliveries to reduce costs. Alternatively, if you have ordered your furniture elsewhere, we can offer an unpacking and assembly service, in your office or home. Larger deliveries can perhaps, be met on site, unloaded, distributed and assembled according to the agreed plans and instructions. Contact us for advice, and a free quotation.

Contract and Hotel Furniture Installation

Contract and Hotel Furniture Installation

Whether the requirement is for the assembly of Office Furniture, or perhaps Hotel or University Bedroom Furniture, Café and Restaurant Furniture, or a new Reception Desk, the same qualities prevail.

The Directors are well known in the International Furniture Trade and have experience of working with, and representing Manufacturers and Distributors from seven Countries. They have also been involved with overseas furniture projects, installing in thirteen Countries to-date, so if your requirement is outside of the UK, this is not usually a problem.

From a home-office desk, to a four hundred bedroom hotel, and from two hundred custom-built executive desks, through to the complete installation of a Private Hospital in Scotland, we have experienced most requirements.

Our skilled personnel will unload and distribute furniture or components, unpack and clear all packaging, and assemble the product quickly, efficiently and professionally. They will clean the furniture, vacuum the surrounding area and check the product for faults, leaving the area ready for immediate occupation.

We can work with your personnel if required, with a minimum of supervision, or more commonly, independently and on your behalf. We provide full Supervisory and Management support for larger jobs both on and off site, as required.

Our support services, which includes full documentation and reporting systems can be tailored to suit, and are designed to minimise problems for our Clients.

Click here to enquire about your furniture installation requirements.

Assmann Office Workstations Ready For Final Positioning

Assmann Office Workstations Ready For Final Positioning