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Mirus Ergonomic Chair Mesh/fabric Black Frame no H/rest

Mirus Ergonomic Chair Mesh/fabric Black Frame no H/rest

Ref: OS-I00-BA-LBM-F

The Mirus ergonomic office chair is a superb addition to the Ergohuman office seating range. Mirus features the same simple single lever adjustment which allows the seat height, seat depth and back tilt to be adjusted from one point.

The three dimensional flexible lumbar support gives full support to the lumbar region of your back and automatically adjusts as you The whole backrest can be adjusted for height.

Mirus office chairs feature a "zero pressure" seat cushion to help distribute weight evenly across the seat pad. Combined with the adjustable seat depth offered by the sliding seat function, Mirus can be adjusted to the length of the User's legs. It is an extremely comfortable ergonomic office chair, and very popular with our Customers and our Team!

The synchro back tilt function adjusts the angle of the back and seat proportionately to allow an ergonomic reclining position with adjustable tension control and 3 position lock.

The adjustable armrests can be raised, lowered, angled and the armpad's depth adjusted so forearms rest comfortably when sitting at your desk.

Aerofoil Design have this chair in our showroom for evaluation. Please contact us to arange to try it.

Price:396.00 (475.20 Including VAT at 20%)

Guarantee: 5 Years

Delivery Time: Contact us for advice

Assembled: No: We Recommend Our Installation Service

Installation Cost: Contact Us For Advice/ Quotation

  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24337 Black (Stock)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24326 Blue (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24305 Red (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24335 Orange (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24314 Green (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24301 White (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24307 Grey (To Order)
  • Seat Fabric Colour: A24393 Coffee (To Order)

  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-31 Black Mesh (Stock)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-35 Blue Mesh  (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-32 Red Mesh (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-33 Orange Mesh (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-34 Green Mesh (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-36 White Mesh (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-37 Burgundy Mesh (To Order)
  • Back Mesh Colour: KMD-30 Grey Mesh (To Order)

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