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Alumedic 3D Ergonomic Chair, Headrest, Mesh Back, Fabric Seat

Alumedic 3D Ergonomic Chair, Headrest, Mesh Back, Fabric Seat
Alumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in blackAlumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in black  -alt viewAlumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in black - side viewAlumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in orange
Alumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in blueAlumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair in greenAlumedic 10 Ergonomic Task Chair headrest view


Back Aches? No, thank you!!. With the Dondola (R) seat joint - it's like being seated on a gymnastics ball.

Dondola (R) is one of the most proven systems for dynamic seating in three dimensions.There is no rigid connection between seat and base, therefore it enables movement in all directions. The whole body movement will be trained simultaneously with this dynamic seating action, therefore it meets all requirements that renowned scientists are demanding for an office chair to be good for someone's health.

Help Prevent Back Ache Whilst Working.

Health through movement means to prevent against back aches, in fact it means that the backaches should not occur at all. The Dondola (R) seat joint represents a new technology which especially amplifies the preemptive-orthopaedic sectro and can support thera peutical measures with patients with back aches. Please discuss this with your Doctor.

To obtain the optimal seating position, please seat yourself completely on the seat.
During work, follow unknowingly your natural body movement and avoid jerky movements.
Please adjust the chair so that your thigh and lower leg are forming an angle of about 90 degrees.

Dondola (R) requires, and assists with more movement from you - for your health's sake! The swivel chair is fitted with the patented Dondola (R) seat joint, with its three-dimensional seat, it stands out from convential swivel chairs regarding ergonomics, comfort and function.

Dondola (R) supports the spinal column optimally. With the extreme seat angle adjustment to the front, your seating position is automatically good for your spinal column.

Dondola(R) stengthens your musculature in your back. Permanent movement of the pelvic area builds up your back musculature. Muscles which are thoroughly fit maintain their elasticity and maintain their function to support the spinal column. Therefore posture damages and curvature of the spinal column are being counteracted.

Dondola (R) relieves the intervertebral discs. Your swivel chair takes care that your intervertebral discs are not being bruised. Through permanent contact the discs are being relieved constantly.

Dondola (R) keeps your blood circulatation going.
The blood reflux from the legs through the venous system is being ensured through movement. Limbs which are going to sleep and annoying itching can be avoided and ugly and unhealthy varicose veins can be prevented.

Dondola (R) maintains mental vitality.
Permanent movement stimulates the centre for sense and movement in the human brain and increases the ability for concentration and commitment.

Dondola (R) guarantees you freedom to move.
The range of sideways action at your desk increases. It is not limited by the armrests as they move sideways with you, therefore they are not pinning the thighs anymore

Try this superb Alumedic chair for yourself Visit our Rochester showroom, or a call to arrange a free evaluation in your office*.

Ready To Buy? The Alumedic 10 is available to order online below, delivery is around 5/6 weeks.

Price:670.00 (804.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Guarantee: 5 Years

Delivery Time: Produced to order. Approx 4-5 weeks.

Assembled: Yes

Installation Cost: Already Assembled

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