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TriAss Bench Desks - Assmann

Bench Desking for Office Team Work

Bench Desking for Office Team Work

Assmann's Triass range is the furnishing system for discerning tastes - and one that can be rediscovered and reconfigured time and time again in all of its' various permuations and combinations.

Office layouts are regularly changed and this Churn can be accommodated perfectly with Tri Ass bench desking.

For example should your needs change, this office bench desk configuation can simply be altered and with the addition of a few extra components, and a small amount of time, turned into separate freestanding desks.

TriAss Fast Ship Bench Desks for Projects

TriAss Fast Ship Bench Desks for Projects

Assmann have also developed a simpler version of the TriAss bench system, designed for larger office projects where the sophistication of the original TriAss system may not be required.

The Tri Ass project bench desk is now stocked in the UK in a fixed height, fixed top version in a matt white finish.With individial desk sizes of 1600 x 800,1 400 x 800 and 1200 x 800 per person, projects can be delivered and completed quickly with a high quality furniture system, and at a competitive price. Slimline and standard mobile pedestals are available and also a single fixed fixed drawer.

The TriAss multifunctional bench solutions can be assembled into large combinations, which encourage team work, interaction and communication and maximise the use of available office space.

A stable four leg frame is provided at a fixed height of 720mm. The overall table depth of 1600mm ensures that 800mm deep pedestals can be accommodated flush on both sides with the table front.

Power and data modules can be custom fitted into the desktops, mounted on the desks, or placed in the cable ducting, to provide the networking and power solutions to support your workforce. Cable management is extremely flexible in spite of the space-saving overall table depth of 1600mm. You can choose central cable trays and/or horizontal and vertical cable ducts and spiral cable spines

Tri-Ass Office Bench Desk

Tri-Ass Office Bench Desk

Tri Ass is the linear desk system with design orientated accessories, that give every single office its own individual atmosphere. All elements in this range match perfectly with a formal and aesthetic claim.

This Triass office bench desk shows flat screen monitors and flexible task lights mounted on the central screen, with cables hidden underneath the flip top lid. Full access to power and data can be achieved easily from the desk top - without it being permanently on show.

Tri Ass Height Adjustable Bench Desks

An inherent benefit of the Tri-Ass office desking system is its' height adjustability. With many manufacturers this just means a 25mm levelling foot on each corner, but this is not height adjustment.

The TriAss desks can be adjusted between 620mm and 860mm to suit the shortest person or the tallest worker. This can be achieved with a manual quick release in the basic version, or with a crank handle, offering manual adjustment between 620mm and 870mm.

For the ultimate in height adjustment in bench desking, choose the electric version which offers the User the ability to adjust the height of the desk from 650mm right up to 1280mm, allowing you to sit down when work demands but to stand up and work at the touch of a button. Sit - Stand workstations offer great benefits and this combined with a flexible bench desk system, makes TriAss one of the best furniture systems on the market.

TriAss - High Quality Bench Desks

TriAss - High Quality Bench Desks

Fully adaptable bench desk system, which is perfect for maximising the use of premium office space. TriAss benches promote team communication and productivity, and are suitable for hot desking.

The TriAss office bench desks share componentry and can be extended by adding additional modules.

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