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Office Desk Divider Screens Galaxy 3.2

Office Layout Using (3.2) Galaxy Office Dividing Screens

Office Layout Using (3.2) Galaxy Office Dividing Screens

One of our most versatile office screen ranges, offering desk top dividers and floor standing screen panels too.

The 3.2 or Galaxy screen range is available in a multitude of heights and widths to suit most applications for dividing your office desk space or creating more privacy between office areas with larger screen panels on the floor.

Galaxy Screen Linking of Square Section Screens

Galaxy Screen Linking of Square Section Screens

This screen divider range is 25mm thick and has an aluminium frame, enhancing both the screen strength and the office design. The end profiles can either be square or round, to suit your office design, and the desk range being used.

Office Screen Fabric Options

Office Screen Fabric Options

This versatile screen range is typically upholstered in your choice of screen fabric in an enormous range of colours. This could be the efficient Camira Cara fabric range, or the very popular Camira Lucia fabric, our most widely used panel fabric choice. Additionally, there are stylish options from the Blazer fabric range, or Camira Nexus and we have a large portfolio of fabrics from Gabriel and Kvadrat, if you want something different.

Galaxy 3.2 Floor Standing Fabric Screen

Galaxy 3.2 Floor Standing Fabric Screen

The floor standing screens, or office dividers, can be linked using either the integral connectors on the square profile version, or with a small infill link on the round end profile version of the screen. This ensures that the screens remain inline and provides stability and safety when dividing office space.

Additional screen connectors allow the screen dividers to be joined at ninety degrees to adjacent screens, or to meet in three or four way screen configurations. These connections also enhance the office aesthetic as mislaligned screens can spoil the office design.

Pinnable Screens - Screen Dividers That You Can Pin Into

The standard version of these screens is classed as "Non Pinnable", and this is the least costly verison. However, despite the description, you are able to get pins and tacks into the board of these screens with a little more effort, they are just not designed for regularly pinning in and out.

For a small surcharge the screens can be upgraded to "Hard Pinnable Screens", where a softer core material is used, allowing pins to be pushed in more easily.

Finally, a "Soft Pinnable Screen" version is available, where the core is made up from a sandwich of materials to allow pins and tacks to be pushed in very easily. As a rule of thumb, these screens will cost about 20% more than the basic Non Pinnable version.

Glazed Screens, MFC and Laminate Screens

Usually the screen panels are fabric covered, as mentioned above, but it is also possible to have fully glazed screens if that is required.

The surface of the panels can also be produced in MFC or Laminate, or even wood veneer, all at additional cost.

There is also an acoustic version of the screens, with a different core material.

Please contact us for details.

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