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Faster Delivery on Stylish Reception Desks

Faster Delivery on Stylish Reception Desks

Manufacturing time on the full range of stylish custom built reception desks has been now reduced. Aerofoil Design can now deliver and install the standard Evolution reception counter desks, Evolution, Evoke, Elite, Xpression, from around 3-4 weeks.

See Reception Desks Section for more information and Contact Us to design a solution for you.
Project Completed for the Morrison Galliford Joint Venture

Project Completed for the Morrison Galliford Joint Venture

Aerofoil Design are pleased to have completed the installation of new office desks, office chairs, a boardroom table and a stylish high gloss grey reception desk for this long-term Customer.

See More Images

October 2015
Height Adjustable Desks Installed at East Sussex Disability Association

Height Adjustable Desks Installed at East Sussex Disability Association

Aerofoil Design have completed the supply and installation of new electrically powered, height adjustable mobile desks for the East Sussex Disability Association in Eastbourne.

A customised desk specification was agreed between Jeff Nurse and ESDA which allows desk users, disabled or otherwise, to be able to better adjust the desks to suit their own situation. More information & pictures in our case study

November 2013
Stand up and Work

Stand up and Work

Sitting All Day Is Not Good For You....

Guess how many hours a day you spend sitting? Fewer than eight? More than 10? A recent survey found that many of us spend up to 12 hours a day sitting on our bottoms looking at computers or watching television. If you throw in the seven hours we spend sleeping then that adds up to a remarkable 19 hours a day being sedentary.

Aerofoil Design have always promoted the health benefits of exercising or standing when working, supplying height adjustable desks and exercise stools for example. Contact Jeff Nurse at Aerofoil Design to discuss this in more detail and to see how we can help.

A new BBC article adds more information on this subject....See BBC article

November 2013

Office Design - New Furniture Ideas and Solutions - News - Aerofoil Blog

New Reception Seating Ranges added

New Reception Seating Ranges added

Aerofoil are pleased to introduce several new soft seating ranges for your reception areas and break out areas. More being added each week...Take a look now

21 May 2013
Glass Home Office Desk - Grab a Bargain

Glass Home Office Desk - Grab a Bargain

We have a really Special Offer on this Glass Home PC Workstation. Grab yourselves a bargain
Collect it from our warehouse (by prior arrangement only please) for £100 + Vat, that's just £120. Our normal price is £236 including Vat.

If you need it delivered and assembled, contact us with your address for a quotation.

This desk is New and was built up to demonstrate, but has never been used. It was dismantled and carefully put back into the box. It is not suitable for delivery by Carrier.

A Modern FROSTED workstation with right hand return. A unique FULLY ENCLOSED CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that hides all unpleasant cables. Constructed of QUALITY ALUMINIUM Legs and Chrome feet. Bottom Shelf offers sufficient space for all your Equipment and ensures great STABILITY. A compact piece of furniture that will fit all corners.
Toughened safety glass that conforms to BS6206A

9th April 2013
Exercise Whilst Working

Exercise Whilst Working

Exercise your core muscles whilst working at home or in the office

9th April 2013
Stand up at office to lose weight, says exercise scientist

Stand up at office to lose weight, says exercise scientist

"Office workers trapped behind their desks all day should push away their chairs and work standing up, recommends an exercise scientist.

Standing up for three hours extra a day would burn off 8lb (3.6kg) of fat each year, says John Buckley, from the University of Chester." Reported by the BBC See article on BBC Website

Aerofoil Design strongly recommend standing up to work for at least part of the day and offer many sit to stand workstations, that encourage just that.

Contact us for more advice and information on height adjustable and sit to stand desks from Assmann Office Furniture, Wini, Consett and others.

9th Jan 2013

Orgatec 2012

Orgatec 2012

Our recent visit to the Orgatec Exhibition in Cologne allowed us to meet many of our existing suppliers, to explore new relationships, and to source new products from both. This bi-annual event is a huge international show, with manufacturers from all corners of the Globe.

One new seating range that caught our eye is Hexa, a modular seating system that will be available for delivery in February 2013. See More on Hexa

4 November 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Aerofoil Design are pleased to have had a busy summer, and we thank our customers for the business that they have placed with us during this time. I sincerely believe that they are happy with our efforts, the results of the work that we have done for them, and the products that we supplied, and we look forward to sharing some of the project images in the coming weeks on our Completed Jobs pages.

Unfortunately this has meant that we have neglected our website, something we are keen to address now. We will continue to add and update the many pages with the latest projects, new products and information on additional furniture sectors.

12th Sept 2012

Double The Screens - Double The Productivity-  Reduce The Desk Size

Double The Screens - Double The Productivity- Reduce The Desk Size

In recent years we have seen LCD monitors take over from bulky traditional CRT screens on our customer's desks. As prices fall, we are seeing larger and larger flatscreens appearing - and increasingly customers have two monitors on the their desks.

Whether you are editing documents or working in graphic design, using dual monitors or a screen that's 20" or more in size can greatly increase your workrate. LCD monitors use less energy than CRT monitors which saves your business more money.

Even with these slim monitors - many offices are still equipped with large and bulky corner workstations. Working around the ninety degree corner does have its advantages, but often, they just waste space, with rectangular or wave shaped desktops offering efficient workspace whilst occupying less room in the office. With the cost of moving to new premises often prohibitive, you should consider maximising the facilities you do have.

Aerofoil Design can review your floorspace and can usually allow more staff to work in the available space, by careful organisation of storage facilities, perhaps using smaller desks, and practical and space saving accessories around the workspace to make it more efficient.

Call us now on 01634 304403 or email us to arrange a free consultation. Lots to gain and nothing to lose.

9th Feb 2012

Aerofoil Design's New Website Layout Takes Shape

We have been busy working on a slighty different layout for our website, hoping to improve the way that we present our furniture products and furniture and interior services to you. It isn't a finished project and it will continue to evolve.

Indeed, over the coming weeks we will be adding hundreds of new products, as well as putting more information online.

However, we are are human, and it isn't perfect, so please forgive any design errors and do contact us on 01634 304403 if you don't see the information that you require, or products that you like. We have hundreds and thousands of items available to us, and a relative few are shown on the website.

8 February 2013
New Reception Seating and Break Out Seating Ranges

New Reception Seating and Break Out Seating Ranges

We have been busy adding some excellent new soft seating products to our reception seating and break-out area portfolio.

If you don't like to be formal, and prefer to lounge or just to chill for a while to think, there is plenty to consider. There is still more to come but see what is new here

23 Nov 2011
Eborcraft Price Increase - Order Now and Save

Eborcraft Price Increase - Order Now and Save

Quality real wood furniture manufacturer, Eborcraft, have announced price increases of 7.5% effective 1st January 2012.

However orders placed in November and December will beat the increase - so if you are considering new office reception desks, executive desks or boardroom tables - do contact us soon and potentially save hundreds of pounds.

10th November 2011
Christmas Presents for your family- Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter?

Christmas Presents for your family- Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter?

With Christmas fast approaching, you maybe wondering about what Christmas Present or Gift to buy your family?

For sons, daughters, or maybe grandsons or grand daughters, how about a new desk for their bedroom? Let them work on their brand new PC desk or home office workstation, with room for computers, and storage for papers and files.

2 Nov 2011
Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming

With the festive season fast approaching many of you will be thinking hard about the presents to buy your friends and family.

Maybe a new computer is on the list? Why not add a stylish glass computer desk to sit it on? Aerofoil Design are delighted to offer a wide range of small glass desks, larger corner desks,also in black or frosted glass and many wood finish desks and workstations.

Order now and get it in time for Christmas, or reserve it, and we will deliver it nearer the time. See our range of computer desks

1 Nov 2011

Portable Exercise Machines To Be Used At Work

Portable Exercise Machines To Be Used At Work

The BBC have been highlighting the 'Pedal while we work' idea raised by scientists in the US. Mini exercise bikes could combine a desk job with a workout. Physical inactivity has been linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes, so this is an interesting idea.

Researchers, writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, said sedentary lifestyles were a serious health problem and argue that small exercise bikes could be a cheap solution, whilst the Charity Weight Concern said improving the health of workers would also benefit employers' bottom lines.

At Aerofoil Design we always encourage our Customers to keep moving throughout the day by using active movement ergonomic seating and sit-to-stand height adjustable workstations. This takes the idea a step further - we watch with interest.

15th Feb 2011

Used, Pre-Owned, Second Hand, Ex-Demonstration Furniture. Grab A Bargain!

Used, Pre-Owned, Second Hand, Ex-Demonstration Furniture. Grab A Bargain!

At Aerofoil Design we have always been keen to salvage and recyle furniture, it isn't just a new Green fad. Our Phoenix Used Furniture programme is more than ten years old now and has resulted in many, many items being collected, in some cases repaired or altered, and then resold to businesses and personal customers, looking for a bargain.

Whilst we don't actively seek or purchase used furniture, as part of our new furnishing activities we are regularly adding to our stocks, and have now catalogued and added them to this web site. We also use our site to sell on ex-showroom and demonstration furniture; desks, chairs and storage, and other occasional new furniture items.

Our prices are competitive, but remember that they are based upon collection from our warehouse (at prearranged times only please). We can deliver, and install too, so just ask for a quotation. See our Used Products now

27th Jan 2011

Triumph Come Out Of Administration

We are delighted to report that Triumph have emerged from Administration safe-guarding 200 jobs in Wales, and maintaiing continuity of supply of their established range of storage and desking products.

23rd May 2011

The Triumph Furniture Company In Administration

As a supplier of Triumph furniture products, Aerofoil Design is sad to hear this Welsh furniture manufacturer, which employs almost 300 people has entered Administration.

Nigel Hamilton-Smith, Geoff Rowley and Charles Turner, partners at FRP Advisory LLP, the specialist restructuring, recovery and insolvency firm, were appointed Joint Administrators on 11 March 2011 to corporate furniture and storage supplier, The Triumph Furniture Company.

Based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, Triumph is a family-owned company with 296 full-time staff. It operates from two factory sites in Merthyr Tydfil and Tredegar. The Joint Administrators will continue to trade the business as a going-concern, whilst seeking a buyer for the company.

At this time, we have not been updated as to supplies from Triumph, but Customers requiring Triumph furniture products should contact us for advice.

Aerofoil Design also offer a wide range of alternative products, both in terms of cupboards and storage product, and also desks. We will find a solution to your requirement one way or another.

16th March 2011

New Website Navigation

We have added an additional navigational Mega Menu to our website at the top.

As this offers Customer's the ability to view three levels of sub-sections, we hope that this will make it easier to find the information and products that you require. Please email us with any feedback.
December 2010 Newsletter

December 2010 Newsletter

We have just released our December Newsletter with news, advice and special offers. Please download your own copy here, or contact us to have a copy emailed to you. 1st Dec 2010

Download The Newsletter Here

New Year - New Resolution For More Excellent Furniture and Keen Prices

At Aerofoil Design we already know that we offer a fantastic array of products to our customers, both around the office and for the home. For 2011 we resolve to continue to add to our portfolio furniture, seating and storage products with unique and interesting designs, very good quality and excellent value for money.

Indeed, many of our standard prices are amongst the lowest available - better even than some competitor's "special offers" yet we still combine excellent furniture value with the Premier service levels for which we have become known.

Please do bookmark our website and look us up whenever you think furniture - and if you can't find what you would like - please call us -we are available to answer your queries outside of normal business hours. Happy New Year

19th Jan 2011
Tidy Up Under Your Desks

Tidy Up Under Your Desks

The increasing popularity of tower computers can cause potential problems....but these are easily preventable.

These units take up less room than horizontal desktop computers, and therefore more and more of these computers boxes are being put on the floor under the desk, surrounded by excess cabling, maybe boxes of files, and usually, plenty of dust and dirt.

Apart from the obvious clutter and the fact that it is untidy, the computer is sucking in large volumes of air each day, and with it, the dust and dirt. Not only is this putting your expensive hardware at risk, but there is an increased risk of fire.

Suspend your tower computer under the desktop on one of our CPU support brackets and solve this problem. See our CPU Support Bracket Range

Additionally, our range of cable management accessories can safely route and tidy your cables too. 23 Nov 2010
Promoting Healthy Working

Promoting Healthy Working

Today we are largely a Sedentary society but sitting down all day is not healthy for us.

"Sedentary activities include sitting, reading, watching television and computer use for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of death."

At work, many of us don't have much choice but you can still improve things by altering your seating position and perhaps standing to make and take phone calls.

Better still; invest in office chairs that allow the option of altering the seat tilt, back rake or those that encourage even more movement, such as with the Alumedic and Sitwell chairs we offer.
These superb ergonomic chairs offer 360 degree movement and will follow you as you move. We offer free trials of some models so contact us if you wish to try one out with no obligation.

The option to stand and work is also recommended. We offer height adjustable, sit to stand desking ranges which promote this flexibilty either as part of the workstation or as a separate desk.

Some are manually operated but most are electrically driven for maximum convenience. This allows the user to stand for a while but to sit comfortably when desired.

or contact us for a demonstration or trial. 28 Oct 2010

Hot Desking and Break Out Areas

With many staff working "in the field" or perhaps from home, and only occasionally returning to the office, why do they have a dedicated desk?

The introduction of hot desking, at least in part, can dramatically increase efficiency and reduce costs for a Company. But when staff do come in to the office, you need to make them feel welcome, and with everything they need around them.

Perhaps office days are utilised to interact with others, if so, a combination of hot desks for catching up with work, formal meeting rooms and informal break-out areas, can work well.

Talk to us to see how to implement this best.

9th Dec 2010
RBM Ergonomic Seating

RBM Ergonomic Seating

RBM, or Rabami as they used to be known, have become part of Scandinavian Business Seating, based in Norway. This has resulted in a major change of supply in the UK, with Interline ceasing to be the UK Agents.

We have been a long-time supplier of RBM's excellent ranges of ergonomic task seating and continue to offer them to our customers.

For any RBM (Rabami) requirements, please do get in contact with us, or 22 Oct 2010

Leather Desk Mats and Coasters for Tables and Desks

We are pleased to add these excellent leather accessories to our Product Portfolio.

Large or standard sized Italian leather desk or leather conference table pads, leather mouse mat and leather coasters are all available in a choice of four leather colours, whisky brown, chocolate brown, cherry red, or black. There are different supply times, depending on quantities and colours, due to leather availabilities.

We can also offer personalisation, with logos being embossed into the corner of the desk mats or coasters.

Contact us for more information or Download the Brochure and Price List Here
8th Dec 2010
Fumac - Stylish Real Wood Furniture from Denmark

Fumac - Stylish Real Wood Furniture from Denmark

Aerofoil Design are pleased to continue their long association with Fumac of Denmark, and to offer their stylish ranges of wood veneer furniture products. Desks, meeting tables, storage and seating ranges are available in from 2-4 weeks.

We are adding more of their products to our website over the coming months, so please keep looking. 21 Oct 2010

Manufacturers Prices Increases and VAT Increase

Unfortunately with material costs continuing to rise, there will be prices increases from some of our suppliers in the New Year. Eborcraft's have announced their Fusion reception and Abbey veneer desking and Home Office furniture ranges, will be increasing on all orders from 1st February 2011.

Assmann will also be increasing pricing on all non core ranges, such as CanvAss Pro, RondAss and EsitAss in January 2011 by 10% - however prices of their main ranges, Canvaro, Rondana, Antaro, InvitAss and the Functional Furniture ranges are being held at present.

Of course, this comes on top of the January VAT increase which will hit all those whom are not VAT registered.

Talk to us now if you have any reception or home office projects that might involve these ranges, or if you need to top up any existing Assmann furniture installations - and especially if you are not VAT registered.
7th Dec 2010
Wini Office Furniture - Re: Samuel Bruce

Wini Office Furniture - Re: Samuel Bruce

Wini Buromobel GmbH are one of the leading German Office Furniture Manufactuers, and over the past 18 months or so, Samuel Bruce have operated as the sole importer of this range of products into the UK. Samuel Bruce have recently entered into liquidation and this situation has left many Customers requiring Wini products in the UK without a source of supply.

Aerofoil Design have worked with the Export Manager of Wini Buromobel over many years and have confirmed an agreement to continue to supply Wini products in the UK, and in particular, in the South of England. If you have any queries, need advice or wish to purchase Wini Buromobel products, please do get in touch. 13 Oct 2010
Glass Home Office Workstations

Glass Home Office Workstations

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a full range of glass desks and workstations for home office use. Available in black glass and frosted glass See The Full Range
August 2010 Newsletter

August 2010 Newsletter

Click here to download Aerofoil Newsletter August 2010 (PDF-1mb)
4th August 2010

One Customer's Busy Weekend!!

Final details of the departmental move were agreed. A parting handshake reassured the Office Manager. "Just relax and leave the job to us". Delighted, he agreed.

On Friday, following several weeks of consultation and planning, our team assisted staff with packing crates, before labelling and removing them as planned.

Data, communications and electrical wiring had been replanned too, and as staff left for the week-end, specialists disconnected equipment and placed it in staging areas.

The main team arrived and quickly unloaded new furniture from the truck, carefully staging the product until required. Then, working swiftly, they began dismantling the workstations and screens, taking furniture to the new area as they worked. Floor boxes were altered to suit new layouts and they busied themselves cleaning carpet tiles and fabric screens that hadn't been exposed to a hoover for years. Badly soiled tiles were replaced with spares.

Returning Saturday and Sunday, desking and screens were rebuilt in their new configurations, incorporating new product where required. Cupboards were positioned and levelled, crates redistributed and files replaced in the drawers.

Final inspections were made, a few locks replaced and the furniture given a last clean before the IT team replaced the equipment.

Returning on Monday morning, the Office Manager was delighted with the results...."I went out with my family and caught up with my golf on Sunday"...not a bad week-end's work, huh.?

Aerofoil Design and Management Ltd will be delighted to assist you with any requirements around the office.....and if the changes are more involved, you just enjoy your weekend off and leave it to us!!
5th October 2010

New Products

We constantly strive to offer products that are not only of excellent quality, but original too. The new Seattable chairs from ORT are just that, converting from conference chairs to work tables in seconds. We now have samples available for evaluation, please contact us to arrange a demonstration, or click here

Leasing Facilities

We can now offer very competitive lease and lease purchase facilities with which to fund your furniture purchases. The facilities that we have set up allow us to offer a wide choice of schemes from several sources, and some allow ownership to transfer to you at the end of the agreement.

New Web Shop

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved On-Line web shop. Although in its' infancy, there are already hundreds of product options and we intend to constantly improve and develop the site and add more products and more images.

Please take a look at the catalogue and use to it for future reference and, we hope, to place your orders.
1st September 2009

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