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Acoustic Suspended and Stretch Ceilings

Reverb Ceiling - Acoustic Absorbing Ceiling

Reverb, or acoustic reducing islands and baffles are ceiling based sound absorbers designed to control the reverberation in sound reflecting environments like atriums, which have limited wall space.

Absorbing typically around 85-95% of the sound that hits them , they effectively reduce the amount of reflected sound, and prevent it bouncing around your space.

The islands, or panels, are suspended horizontally below the room ceiling, and they can support lighting if required.

Baffles are hung vertically, either individually or in groups, allowing them to form patterns that follow the shape of the space.

Where there is sufficient wall space, the above measures can be combined with wall mounted acoustic panels, as described elsewhere.

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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling with lighting and glazed partitioning.