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Removal Crate & Equipment Hire

Crate and Equipment Hire

Crate and Equipment Hire

Whether moving departments around within your existing buildings, or packing ready for a relocation, having the right packing and moving equipment is critical for a smooth move. 

Strong plastic crates, often with lids, enable your files and belongings to be safely packed, whilst ensuring that the removers are able to move them without injury to themselves. They are also easier to transport around, and to load onto removal trucks. Usually, they should be labeled with the destination details, making it easier for the removal personnel to ensure your crate ends up at the correct destination. they can also be sealed with a unique plastic strip, reducing the chance of tampering with the contents and clearly showing if this has occurred.
Each crate will hold contents of a drawer of a filing cabinet, or 7/8 Lever Arch Files and take maximum weight of 50kg. They can be handled by one person and are very practical.
A1 crate has an interlocking lid and is stackable. Internal Measurements Length 610mm, Width 405mm, Depth 315mm. Weight 4.5 kg.

Larger computer crates enable a computer screen (monitor) to be safely packed and transported, complete with its' CPU, keyboard and mouse. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures that all items arrive together at the correct location.

Crates can be safely stacked four high and can be loaded onto a skate to move them across a room. When crates are empty they can be stacked up to 20 high. We can provide crates for hire for any period, and to suit varying requirements. They are also available to buy. Please call us for details.

We are also able to provide secure roll cages for moving IT and office equipment.

We can also supply bubble wrap, cling wrap, packing tape and identification labels to assist with the protection of any items during a move.

For customers whom use our archiving service, we can supply archiving boxes suitable for this purpose. These are available via our Online Shop.