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Furniture Service Work

Office Furniture Service Work

Office and Contract furniture, by its' very nature, is exposed to exceptional everyday wear and tear. Furniture that when purchased, gave the office a smart and efficient corporate look can quickly become worn and jaded, and defeat much of the object of purchasing it in the first place.

Correct care is important. We would be delighted to offer you some free advice on caring for your furniture, and in many cases, we can provide you with literature pointing out many useful tips. Use of the correct cleaning materials and techniques, together with improved staff awareness helps. Dealing with problems quickly can improve matters enormously.

Occasionally, faults will develop. If they are dealt with quickly, then often the problem can be resolved cheaply and permanently, but leave it too long and catches and runners, for example, can become distorted and broken due to having been forced. These problems render the furniture inefficient, doors may not shut or even fall off, perhaps drawers won't lock or even close and the office quickly looks jaded, detracting from the quality image of the Company. The eventual cost of repairs or even replacements can increase dramatically with time.

Attending to faults with furniture products, whether under Warranty or not, requires an in - depth knowledge of the products and their 'habits'. Rectification techniques are acquired through many years of installing and servicing furniture. Often small, subtle touches are all that is required, and this can save our Clients a great deal of money. Our Service Technicians have gained this experience, working with many different furniture manufacturers and different ranges of furniture every day, they consistently build on this knowledge through installing and repairing furniture for our Clients.

We would be happy to assist you with your furniture servicing and repairs, whether it is a one-off problem requiring emergency attention or a more methodical planned maintenance programme. (This service option is described elsewhere.) Sticking locks, faulty drawers, broken keys etc. we will be happy to assist.

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